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data Data: 27 Kwietnia 2017, czwartek

data Godzina rozpoczęcia: 9:00

miejsce Miejsce: Warszawa - Praga Północ, Google Campus ul.Ząbkowska 33C (pokaż na mapie)
Opis wydarzenia tylko po angielsku.

LEAP is global 3-day conference that gathers more than 2 thousand bright minds - the leaders of tomorrow, young entrepreneurs and professionalist, student,innovators, NGO leaders , and change-makers who are leaders in their respective communities. LEAP stands for Learn,Engage, Act and Progress; and the summit,which will be held in Zagrzeb, Croatia from 11th to 13th of May 2017, offers the opportunity for people from all over the world to gather in order to solve most pressing challenges of our time.
For those unable to attend the LEAP Summit in Zagrzeb,LEAPin is a one-day version of the summit that aims to highlight the vision of the LEAP Summit in a local environment.Łazarski University is organising LEAOin Warsaw, which is an ideal opportunity for young individuals to gather and find inspiration to act locally, but think globally. We want to empower people and create a community of young visionaries who will challenge the status quo, think outside the box,and LEAP into action.
The primary focus of LEAP and LEAPin is on themes connected to innovation,IT and modern technologies, entrepreneurship and bussines development, creativity, and leadership,which will be delved into on through a series of talks, workshops and interactive discussions.LEAPin is also about career development,and offers you rich networking potential, whilst industry and community leaders share their inspiring stories, expertise and insight.
Join us for this incredible event on 27 April 2017 at the National Stadium in Warsaw.
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