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Football, Anti-Discrimination & Resistance Walking Tour

Football, Anti-Discrimination & Resistance Walking Tour

data Data: 15 sierpnia 2017, wtorek

godzina Godzina rozpoczęcia: 14:30

miejsce Miejsce: Warszawa - Praga Północ, Dworzec Wschodni (pokaż na mapie)
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Spacer i jego opis po angielsku. :)

Hello guys!
Imagine visiting the most mysterious, dangerous and least known part of Warsaw. And attending an anti-discrimination football game there.
You're welcome.

Meeting point (look fhor the blue angel): link

On that special day (both Polish Armed Forces and Virgin Mary holidays) we are exploring Polish everyday life, culture and society issues and trying to understand the Polish mindset.
Football is the key. After getting through some tenement houses, backyards, quiet streets, gates, street art and industrial sites we will arrive at a local event to see a football game without any hate or racism and cheer up AKS ZŁY.
Polish football songs singing lesson included!

We're exploring Szmulowizna, a part of Warsaw that's totally separated from the rest of the city by railroad tracks surrounding it.
Famous for its beautfiul yet devastated XIX-century tenement houses and factories.
Infamous for its social problems such as high crime rate and unemployment.
We're discovering some details there too:
- the difference between poetry sprayed on walls and brutal prose of streets
- bad reputation philanthropists and noble communists
- how to turn a meat factory into a culture center made of reed and music
- marbles in the middle of wooden slums area
- a football game that never happened although we have a proof it did...

Please keep in my mind that the tour is free, but if you're satisfied, then tips afterwards are appreciated. See you!

How to catch your tour guide:
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